Genel Bakış

Yılmaz, İlkkan ve Ersoy... Sürekli olarak birbiriyle didişmekte olan üç arkadaş. En büyük özellikleri ise sıradan hayatlarını altüst edecek bir şeyler yapmayı her zaman becermek. Küçücük olayları inanılmaz bir ustalıkla büyütüyor, işleri saç baş yolduracak seviyeye getiriyorlar. Onlar her gün yaşadığımız talihsizliklerin, tuhaf olayların ve çaresizliklerin cisimleşmiş hali.

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    Nobody has to go into business if they don't want to. A person is still a person even if they don't feel obliged to open a kokoreç shop. There cannot be such an obligation. It's not such an obligation anyway!

  • 2

    If your friend comes an tells you "I want to wear jackets with shoulder paddings" one day, don't be mad at them. These things happen. Even if you have to be cruel to be kind, you need to pat them on the back. Choose your friends among the ones who don't hide their love behind the shoulder paddings,

  • 3
    Nu Model40dk

    A renunciation, a flutter, a roar... The naked story of old Abidin, who confronts his whole family in one pen... Can one shoot his own shadow?

  • 4
    The Cannibal Coming with Erasmus40dk

    Ersoy loses his grandmother as a result of a tragic event. Although his friends try hard to console him, they cannot succeed.

  • 5
    Wrong Mentor40dk

    Not knowing what to do in this life, Yılmaz's life comes to such a point that; doesn't know what to do.

  • 6
    Dark Force40dk

    İlkkan and Yılmaz attend the apartment management meeting to fight a dark force awakening in their neighborhood.

  • 7
    Second Way40dk

    While Ilkkan is looking for his real family; He finds himself in frustration and anguish in a dark labyrinth filled with screaming bats.

  • 8

    İlkkan and Yılmaz regret that they had their house painted.

  • 9
    Renewal of Break Up40dk

    There is nothing İlkkan can do not to lose his lover, and also human beings eat raw chicken for his/her friend.

  • 10
    Blood Money40dk

    Yılmaz and İlkkan find a way and manage to get into debt from an interesting family.

  • 11
    Mr. Yılmaz (Bathroom)40dk

    Life may not always meet our desires and expectations...

  • 12
    Discovery of the Horse40dk

    It's not easy to tell something that hasn't been seen before, and 10 people don't need a hakan.

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